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Friends Family Party Games

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Di3rT: “Those games forced me to train my Mario Party skills before encountering my friends again.” Amanda: “I played it at the party and was involved to it so much, that haven’t eaten or drink anything for 30 minutes” Brad: “I played it with my kids once. Now they are constantly playing. I am hearing tunes from the games and unconsciously hum them during work.” Are your kids getting bored in the restaurant? Is your party going to flop? Are your co-workers out of ideas how to spend another day at work? Do you miss your Mario Party experience?Are You looking for nonviolent games, perfect for children?
You have found the perfect solution!
Place your device on the table and start competing in many addictive mini-games which will instantly bring Mario Party memories.Each of the games can be played by party up to 4 players or with AI. You can play game for just 1 minute or all evening. The games are quick and funny and you can finish them any time and announce the winner.In addition each game requires different skills and each player has a chance to win, irrelevant of age, good reflex or knowledge. It is the perfect, nonviolent entertainment for everybody from 4 to 99 years of age. Imagine, it is so easy to have fun with our party Games.
We have created 8 great, Mario Party inspired, mini-games in this version.
For each game we have composed unique, matching music and we have recorded it using real instruments from all over the world. Start the game, turn the disk on the main screen and listen to the magical soundtrack.
Please send your comments, suggestions and what games you would like to play.
We are the aliens and we create games we would like to play ourselves.
Play the game, Mario would be proud of!